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DANA MUDRA Presentation in English

"DANA MUDRA — The Giving Hand"

„Dana Mudra" is the “Gesture of Giving" with which Indian and Tibetan art portrays several deities and Buddhas. Could there be a more beautiful name for an association that has giving and sharing waving upon  its banner?

Through their extended stays in India Margot Ruis and Gerhard Kogoj have seen many wonderful things as well as many deeply moving things. They have formed relationship with people and organizations, whose magnificent work is to help the poorest people. Out of a deep desire to be able to support this work and to do so more efficiently than single individuals would be capable, they have founded the non-profit organization „DANA MUDRA — The Giving Hand" jointly with several dedicated friends.

The goals of the organization are stated within the following statutes:

  • o Provide financial and emotional support for educational and social projects in India (and perhaps in other countries).
  •      Such projects include:  
         · Make it possible for children to attend school, whose families lack the resources that would permit it.
         · Construct and provide administration of schools and care facilities for the sick, disabled, and elderly.
         · And to provide humanitarian assistance in catastrophic events.
  • o Promote the dissemination of a trans-material world view, which sees humans as multidimensional beings in a multidimensional universe, and which emphasizes the relationship of all people, looking beyond race, sex, religion, or social standing.

  • Beginning in 2004, the proceeds of the lectures and seminars of Margot Ruis and Gerhard Kogoj are going into the organization’s bank account so that “DANA MUDRA" may have something to give. So, whoever participates in these events, helps to support the giving and sharing.

    Further activities:
  • o Evenings singing spiritual songs from all over the world  — as well as an  outing every now and then.
  • o DANA MUDRA has produced two CDs:
  •     · „Lieder aus der Anderswelt" — “Songs from the Other World" by Margot Ruis recorded with Giorgio Kriegsch
        · „Das Licht in allen Dingen" — “The Light in all Things" by Margot Ruis, recorded with the DANA MUDRA Spielleute (=Minstrels)
        The CDs can be ordered by email. The price is € 15.- plus postage.

    -Our new best seller is the movie „Nature Beings – Messages from forgotten Friends“ with Margot Ruis, Gerhard Kogoj and friends, by Christian Wagner and Ulrike Spitzer.
      110 minutes with 50 minutes bonus material.
      The DVD may be ordered by e-mail. The price is € 18.50 plus postage.

    Of course we hope to continue receiving member contributions and donations:
    Those to whom our goals appeal to are warmly invited to join DANA MUDRA; either as a full member (participation in organization activities and voting rights at the general assembly, membership dues: €15 per year) or as an associate member (for those who are stretched on time and would like to support organization activities with a larger contribution:  €25 per year).
    We also appreciate every person who does not wish to become a member, but would like to send a donation.
    We have securely established through our direct contacts in India that all gifts from the Giving Hand will be safely delivered where they are most urgently needed.

    DANA MUDRA, Waldstrasse 20, 3491 Wiedendorf / Strass, Austria (Europe)
    IBAN: AT 986000000092159639, BIC: OPSKATWW  
    Web: www.danamudra.org    E-Mail: Extrafenster or:

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